The Inspiration Behind Yard Sale for the Cure

tout-img_discoverIn April 2004, Rachael Smith was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the following nine months, her intense treatment included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Throughout the process, Rachael struggled with what to tell her two daughters, Grace and Emma, with the fear of how it would affect them.

After enduring a very tough year and being cleared by doctors, life in Rachael’s household returned to a relatively normal pace and their focus turned to finding ways to give back. Rachael was determined to find a way to ensure her daughters would never have to hear the words “you have breast cancer”.

All the while, the clutter in Rachael’s basement had continued to pile up – and it triggered an idea. What if they can reinvent the yard sale and turn their clutter into something meaningful? This is when Rachael and her family came up with the Yard Sale for the Cure idea. They wanted to show people that by hosting a yard sale, an activity most across Canada already do in the spring and fall seasons, people can make a tangible difference and contribute to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation vision of creating a future without breast cancer.

Rachael rallied a close group of her friends and turned her vision into a reality. Now a Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation signature event, every dollar raised by hosts of Yard Sales for the Cure across the country contribute to breast cancer research, advocacy and education.